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The Story of John 3:16 Ministries

Five years ago, I was blessed to be sent by the Lord to study at one of the most well-known universities in South Korea called Chonnam National University. Having been born and raised in a Buddhist family, I never once thought of ever wanting to become a Christian or have anything to do with Christians. However, a journey which God has taken me through has completely changed my mind about what Christianity is all about. During my studies in Korea, the Lord showed me so many things and among those were His love and peace. They were a new kind of love and peace that I had never heard about before in Buddhist beliefs. This love and peace can only be found in God and God alone. So two years after I had been through so many challenging experiences in Korea, I found a true love at this point. I realized how God had chosen me and followed me even before I was born and knew Him. Every day since then the Lord has pu tin my heart the hunger and thirst of His truth. So I began to develop a habit of setting my daily routine of study His Word. Before sunrise, I started to wake up early to read scripture and pray. After my morning workout at the gym, I got myself ready for school but one thing that I never forgot to do was to download some sermons and Christian songs to listen to when I walked to school.

I believe during my second year at university that the Lord started to speak to me by the prompt of His Hoy Sprit. This is when He led me to witness about my faith to my friends I met at the gym, my classmates and even my professors. Even though many people had turned me down, the Lord had always been the only one I cling on to who is closer then a brother whom I can lean on. I couldn’t help but laughed and smiled when I got rejected by many. Feeling rejected is an awful feeling, however, as Christ has said in Matthew 10:32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven” this verse really made me smile every time when I look up to heaven.

Time went by, God has helped me to begin to understand His truth through the power of His Holy Spirit, the very spirit who raised our Lord Jesus from the dead. I cannot take for granted because if it wasn’t God I don’t think I could ever come to the knowledge of truth.

Being inspired by the scripture reading of the NIV Bible, I began to share God’s Word in audio form on my personal YouTube channel I created years ago. I was surprised with positive comments by many of our Christian brothers and sisters that they are encouraged with the audio and video I shared on my YouTube channel. As a matter of fact, today the channel has grown from a few subscribers to more than 109K subscribers who listen to God’s Word through the video I make everyday. As I know that the time which God has given me is limited and that the earth is just a place where I’m passing by for a short period of time, I want to use my gift as a Website and Logo Designer for the kingdom of God. I hope and pray that you will partner with me to spread the good news to all creation.

What God has done over the past 9 years through our ministry

We praise the Lord our God in what He has been doing through us specifically through our YouTube channel in spreading His Word to the world.

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year 2022

Helped raised $3,000 USD to buy Jesus Storybook Bible for Cambodian churches

During the pandemic of COVID-19, we felt the need of raising funds to purchase the Jesus Storybook Bible for Cambodian churches specifically for children who were asked to stay at home and not to go to school.

year 2021

Raised enough funds to run three 24/7 Bible Radio live streams on YouTube

With our generous monthly donors from our Christian brothers and sisters, we are able to keep running our three 24/7 Bible Radio live stream on YouTube.

John 3:16 Ministries’ team

Here are all the people who are working behind the scene at our ministry.

Sengthai Phoeng Founder, Web Designer

Sengthai is not only the founder of John 3:16 Ministries, but he also serves as the Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Video Editor for this ministry.

Michelle Vogelaar Administrative Assistant

Michelle is Sengthai’s wife, who comes alongside him in a supporting role to keep this ministry running smoothly.

Venus Mentor, 24/7 Bible Radio Manager

Venus has been with John 3:16 Ministries since this ministry's first 24/7 Bible Radio live stream started. She serves not only as ministry's mentor but also as a manager who oversees all John 3:16 Ministries' moderators and live streams. 

Iris 24/7 Bible Radio Moderator

Even though Iris hasn’t been working with John 3:16 Ministries long, we can’t imagine running our 24/7 Bible Radio live streams from day to day without her help.


What our Christian brothers and sisters say about us

Here is how God is shining the light through us to people all around the world

"May God bless your hard work for our lord Jesus Christ."


"Thank you very much for your AWESOME Work and The Word of Almighty GOD."


"What an encouragement at this time! So needed. Thank you! God bless you!"


"Thank you for all you guys are doing. Bless you, on this and personally in all you do in the name of Jesus amen!!"


"Thank you for spreading the Word of the Lord brother, so I can listen and work at the same time, and whenever one of the passages that are being voiced hits me by the Holy Spirit, I can even stop what I was doing to dig in more. A true blessing, may God reward you brother."


"I am blessed by this ministry, and may God almighty bless you, brother in Christ, as you continue to bless others through the Bible scriptures."


"Thank you, Lord; blessings be yours and your team's and all families!"

Simple Angle

"Thank you for your service to the Lord!."


"Thank you for all your hard work ️."

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