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Bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world through design and media

As the Lord has granted us with talents and gifts, we are honoured to serve Him by sharing the gospel to as many as we can through design and media.

current projects

What we are doing

Since 2014, John 3:16 Ministries has been working toward bringing the gospel to the world. Below are our three main projects we are working on

Mission Work

Support missionaries abroad through fundraising

Because we believe that missionaries who are working abroad should be fully supported as they are serving the Lord and sharing the gospel wherever the Lord has called them, we believe in doing fundraising to support them through our ministry.

Live Streams

Live stream God’s Word in KJV, WEB, on YouTube 24/7

God's Word is His love letter to all of us. That's why we strongly believe in sharing His Word through mainstream media like YouTube. It is a blessing that through it we can stream our Audio Bible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Bible Reading

Help people dive deep into God’s Word through our listening challenge

We make Bible listening videos as a way to challenge our brothers and sisters so they get a chance to dive deeper into God's Truth. With the positive feedback we received through the video challenge, we are working hard to post more videos weekly.


What our Christian brothers and sisters say about us

Here is how God is shining the light through us to people all around the world

"May God bless your hard work for our lord Jesus Christ."


"Thank you very much for your AWESOME Work and The Word of Almighty GOD."


"What an encouragement at this time! So needed. Thank you! God bless you!"


"Thank you for all you guys are doing. Bless you, on this and personally in all you do in the name of Jesus amen!!"


"Thank you for spreading the Word of the Lord brother, so I can listen and work at the same time, and whenever one of the passages that are being voiced hits me by the Holy Spirit, I can even stop what I was doing to dig in more. A true blessing, may God reward you brother."


"I am blessed by this ministry, and may God almighty bless you, brother in Christ, as you continue to bless others through the Bible scriptures."


"Thank you, Lord; blessings be yours and your team's and all families!"

Simple Angle

"Thank you for your service to the Lord!."


"Thank you for all your hard work ️."

Tell The Truth

support us

Your support can make a huge different for the Kingdom of God

We at John 3:16 Ministries are so grateful for your partnership! We could not continue to further this ministries without amazing donors like you. We are so grateful for you.

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Questions? Answers.

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Before I decide to donate, can I know what is your Statement of Faith?

Yes of course. You can learn more about our beliefs here: Statement of Faith

What are ways for me to send you the donation?

We use Stripe and PayPal as a way to receive our donation. You can send us donation by simply clicking our "Donate Now" button at the top right corner of our site or click Donate Here.

Will I get a receipt after I send a donation?

Unfortunaletly, because we are not an official registered Christian ministry, we are unable to provide you with a receipt at the moment. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us by filling our Contact Form.

There are many Christian ministries that go by John 3:16 Ministries, how can I identity that it is your ministry?

You can identify our ministry by its official logo. We use handwritten typography to make the word "John" intertwine with each letter. Verse 3 and 16 will always be on the top right of the word "John" with the word "Ministries" running underneath the word "John".

Where is John 3:16 Ministries located?

Found in 2014 in South Korea, currently our ministry is located in the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I still have questions, how can I contact your ministry?

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us by filling out our Contact Form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Live Streams

Say hello and connect with us on our 24/7 Bible Radio live streams

We are currently running our 24/7 Bible Radio live streams on YouTube, come and join us!

Bible Radio • Old & New Testament 24/7 Audio Live Stream

This is the World English Bible translation, a revised version of the American Standard Version, full 66 books of the Bible without background music live stream.

Bible Radio • New Testament 24/7 Audio Live Stream

This is the World English Bible translation, a revised version of the American Standard Version. This is the New Testament only live stream.

Bible Radio • King James Version (KJV) 24/7 Audio Live Stream

This is the King James Version translation, a full 66 books of the Bible without background music live stream.

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